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Our take on friendship

There’s nothing unusual really, just that friends are for fun outings and not lending money for your summer holiday. And most importantly, we share this image with our newest client, VIVA Credit. They have been for 2 months now in our portfolio and we are glad to be able to help them carry further their messages on friendship and responsible money lending. We have great plans for next year and some disruptive communication moments will come your way.

“The VIVA Credit project surprised and enchanted us at the same time. We weren’t expecting a financial company to be so open to communication and embrace the creative ideas we proposed. Because it is a 100% online business, updated with an exceptional company culture, centred on its clients, it has been a challenge and a great joy even from the brainstorming stage. We have had a very good start, with positive echoes and we are eagerly waiting for 2016 when we will be able to bring to life our great communication ideas.”, says Raluca Mihalachioiu, Managing Partner The Public Advisors.

Keep you all posted and welcome, VIVA, to The Public Advisors!

viva credit

2 Nominations = 2 Wins at the Romanian PR Award Gala

2 Nominations = 2 Wins at the Romanian PR Award Gala

We are very happy to share with you our good news at the end of the year!

Both our nominated campaigns won important prizes at the Romanian PR Award Gala this November. We were super happy and proud to take home a Silver award for the back pain awareness campaign and a Gold award for our communication efforts for Parkinson’s patients. The moment was very emotional for everyone in the room, as our campaign spokesman, Mr. Dan Raican, a Parkinson’s patient for more than 15 years himself, had a very touching speech on stage.

The Silver awarded campaign will also continue in 2016, sharing knowledge and good practices amongst young people, so stay close to see in how many different ways we can attract attention on back pain.

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Healthy lifestyle, healthy clients

alevia-vitamineWe are very happy to announce a new client in our portfolio! Alevia, welcome to Stirbei, 69!

Alevia is a beautiful Romanian enterprise turned into one of the biggest producers and suppliers of food supplements. Their business story and approach are a continuous inspiration to us, so their products will be communicated in the most innovative and creative ways. A mix of online and offline media will be spiced up by interactions with influencers and celebrities, to make products stand out and become a true expression of the brand’s values.

We are very happy to be able to work with one of Romania’s blooming businesses and we’ll feed you with the most interesting information on food supplements and their positive effects on health & wellness.


The Empathy Barometer and The Elephant go to PR Award

Ro PR AwardTwo of our best campaigns this year have been nominated for one of the most complex categories in the PR Award competition: medical communication. One of them, the Empathy barometer, is a social experiment meant to underline people’s reactions towards Parkinson’s’ patients in Romania. Unfortunately about 6% of the population exposed to the message decided to lend a helping hand, so we have our work cut out for us.

On the other hand, we have the elephant symbolizing back pain, which has made a tour of the Internet, keeping company with some of the most popular bloggers nowadays. You can follow its adventures on the Facebook page and maybe meet at one of the activities that we’ll also be carried in 2016.

We are very proud for the nominations and please keep your fingers crossed for us, November 26th!