Our take on friendship

There’s nothing unusual really, just that friends are for fun outings and not lending money for your summer holiday. And most importantly, we share this image with our newest client, VIVA Credit. They have been for 2 months now in our portfolio and we are glad to be able to help them carry further their messages on friendship and responsible money lending. We have great plans for next year and some disruptive communication moments will come your way.

“The VIVA Credit project surprised and enchanted us at the same time. We weren’t expecting a financial company to be so open to communication and embrace the creative ideas we proposed. Because it is a 100% online business, updated with an exceptional company culture, centred on its clients, it has been a challenge and a great joy even from the brainstorming stage. We have had a very good start, with positive echoes and we are eagerly waiting for 2016 when we will be able to bring to life our great communication ideas.”, says Raluca Mihalachioiu, Managing Partner The Public Advisors.

Keep you all posted and welcome, VIVA, to The Public Advisors!

viva credit